MicroDental Las Vegas at the LVI Campus:
Your Partner for Success

Mike Milne

Neuromuscular Experts

Headed by Mike Milne, CDT and LVIM, the MicroDental team is fluent in comprehensive diagnosis and contemporary techniques and technologies that are integral to neuromuscular dentistry. Ranging from understanding myocentric occlusal analysis to transcutaneous electrical neural stimulation, we utilize various tools including bite management guides, stratus articulators, and orthotic bite transfers to ensure your cases meet the exact neuromuscular guidelines that result in a winning smile.

Lab on LVI Campus

MicroDental Las Vegas at the LVI Campus gives you prestigious access to not only the most experienced Neuromuscular technicians, but also a home-base for your LVI cases. MicroDental Las Vegas at the LVI Campus encompasses the methods and preferences of the Advanced LVI courses so your restorative desires can be met and your patients’ aspirations achieved!


True Full Service Lab

MicroDental Las Vegas at the LVI Campus is focused on partnering with you to get your occlusal preference correct. Once the technical aspect of the treatment plan is understood, our lab can manifest the treatment plan across a wide range of restorative options. Our selection of materials, fixed and removable restoration types, and technical expertise all come together to meet your expectations.

Combining technical mastery, technological leadership, commitment to excellent service and patient health—MicroDental provides a trusting and empowering partnership that will delight patients.

Aside from our restorative expertise, MicroDental offers CE opportunities,
post-graduate training support and practice marketing support—all of which can elevate your practice beyond the traditional dental office.

Implant Dentistry

MicroDental gives you access to a technical team that masters the support of LVI implant placement protocols, case planning, and how to efficiently work with compatible implant systems and restorative options. In fact, the MicroDental Las Vegas at the LVI Campus team has been working directly with Dr. Leo Malin, LVI Director of the Implantology and Bone Grafting Courses at LVI, to master his implant protocol and to ensure our skills are up-to-date with the latest developments in
implant dentistry. Our partnership with Dr. Leo Malin has also allowed us to develop Neuromuscular Implant packages that offer predictable pricing and confidence in quoting treatment fees.


Top Tier Macstudio Line

Developed 20 years ago by dentists and MicroDental, Macstudio is inspired by a collaborative and personalized approach to smile design and a passion for lifechanging dentistry. True to MicroDental’s heritage of technical knowledge and artistry, Macstudio actively embraces every new development in Neuromuscular dentistry, as well as the highest esthetic standards in dentistry. From full-mouth rejuvenations to single tooth restorations; Macstudio is equipped and trained to help you deliver a great experience for your patients through Macveneers™, crown and bridge, implant and removable restorations.